Clitoris Anatomy


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Self discover and educate yourself through this beautifully designed clitoris anatomy illustration.

The clitoris has approximately 8,000 nerve endings and its only purpose for existence is to provide pleasure for us. How lucky are we as women to have a clitoris! We have almost twice as many nerve endings in just our clit than men do on the head of their penis yet our clits are so rarely explored by our lovers or even ourselves. I personally know I was not educated on my clitoris nor was there even a mention of it. It was something I had to educated myself on, but it truly deserves to be talked about and honored.⠀

The clitoris is similar to a penis in the sense that it swells during arousal and has glans, foreskin, and a shaft. It obviously looks and functions differently, but deserves the same attention and care the penis gets if not more. The clitoris not only is a little pink button for pleasure, but it actually has a body that comes in the shape of a wishbone that extends 3″ into your vagina. It connects to every part of the vagina as well as your g-spot. ⠀

So take sometime to learn about your clitoris and explore this incredible gem either by yourself or with your lover. Intimacy and sex is so much more than just penetration and we all need to honor our bodies by giving it the attention and time it deserves.


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