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Intimacy is a recurring topic of discussion with survivors because it’s difficult to see our bodies as beautiful, worthy, and sacred again. Such trauma affects us, and it affects our partners.

Rape, sexual assault, and domestic abuse affects a larger number of people than anyone realizes and affects everyone indirectly.

Personal experiences with these issues led Jenna Wiebe to create whimsical yet informative illustrations of the anatomy as a visualization aid for healing. Duvet Days was founded in 2016 to encourage self-love and evolved into a platform for survivors to have a voice; to start or engage in open and honest conversations.

Inspired during pregnancy and the birth of her daughter in 2017, Jenna’s illustrations have evolved and Duvet Days focus has expanded into various other topics/issues. Duvet Days now showcases illustrations that encourage anatomy education, bring awareness to various health conditions, support body positivity, aid in healing, promote self-love, and celebrate diversity.

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