Breast Anatomy


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Self discover and educate yourself through this beautifully designed breasts anatomy illustration.

How well do you know your breasts? Take time to really understand your body and how it works and how it is all connected. Our breasts are an amazing part of our anatomy that not only produce natures perfect baby food, but also have beautiful sexual responses when aroused.⠀

Our milk ducts are intricate and life giving network of channels nestled among fat cells and glandular tissue. These milk ducts branch off near our chest wall and are called ductules which have small cluster of sacs called alveoli. A cluster of alveoli are called lobule and a cluster of lobules are called lobe. Each of our breasts have between 15-20 lobes.⠀

Be mindful to how your breasts change during arousal. Notice that your nipples get erect, your areoles get larger, your breasts enlarge, and they become “sex flushed”. How beautiful these subtle changes are. ⠀
We tend to forget to appreciate how perfect our bodies actually are as we focus so much on what they look like and not as much on what they do for us. Take sometime to appreciate your body not for what it looks like, but for what it allows you to do and feel. ⠀


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