Fetus in Womb


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Self discover and educate yourself through this beautifully designed fetus in womb illustration.

Pregnancy is such a journey and I still experience many moments of absolute awe of what my body is capable of. That my body has worked perfectly to create and continue to create a living being inside me. Regardless if you choose to have a child or not as women we are incredible beings and what our bodies are capable of is nothing short of perfection. Don’t ever forget how much power our womb/uterus carry and take time to honor just how sacred it is. ⠀⠀
At the very moment of conception your babies sex and genetic makeup is created. ⠀⠀
12 WEEKS⠀⠀
The baby measures around two inches and you can usually hear the heartbeat for the first time.⠀⠀
21 WEEKS⠀⠀
The baby measures around six inches and you can usually start to feel the babies movements called quickening.⠀⠀
32 WEEKS⠀⠀
The baby weighs around four pounds and your breasts may start leaking colostrum in preparation for breast feeding. ⠀⠀
36 WEEKS⠀⠀
The baby measures around 18.5 inches and weighs around six pounds. The head of your baby is usually positioned down into the pelvis and at this stage is considered at “term”.⠀⠀
Your due date marks the end of your 40 weeks. Women in general give birth between 38-42 weeks. If your baby is born between 37-39 weeks he/she is an early term baby, if born between 39-40 weeks he/she is an at term baby, and if born between 41-42 weeks he/she is a late term baby.⠀⠀


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